This is Hattivatti, a quiet and quirky creature from a land far, far away.


This blog is about the journeys of Hattivatti through many lands, beginning with The Epic Journey across the land of the free and the home of the brave, the one and only USA, and continuing on to various smaller but by no means less significant adventures in The Awesome Travels.

Along The Epic Journey, Hattivatti experienced many epic things including amazing natural wonders, crazy amusement parks, interesting people, slightly daunting wildlife, beautiful beaches and insanely large portions of food. Naturally, Hattivatti did not depart on such a long journey all alone. These were its companions on The Epic Journey, four slightly odd Finns from the land of a thousand (and then some) lakes.


This fearless quartet kept Hattivatti safe, having a great deal of fun on the way, and will hopefully join Hattivatti in many adventures to come. Read more about The Epic Journey to see how things went, and don’t forget to check out The Awesome Travels once in a while, where the updates will hopefully roll in at a steady pace throughout the years to come.

Please note that since the native language of both Hattivatti and its companions is Finnish, some tales of travel may end up being bilangual.



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