Almost ready to go!

About eight months ago, talk was finally replaced by action. With the help of a patient and ingenious travel agent, flight tickets and a rental car booking were arranged at quite a reasonable sum.

Now, with less than 36 h to takeoff, the situation is the following: check in is done, newspapers are cancelled, necessary arrangements have been made for having mail collected and plants watered, and colleagues at work have probably heard the phrase “that’s while I’m on vacation” way too many times.

Therefore, the last but possibly most crucial part remains: figuring out what one could possibly need over a period of six weeks while travelling in another country (albeit one where there shouldn’t be any problems buying stuff). The pile includes items varying from swimsuits, jeans and casual evening wear to scissors, guidebooks and a GPS device. Although the challenge of stuffing all of this into two backpacks seems daunting, Hattivatti is quietly confident that is activity will end in success. Here’s hoping…

Hattivatti packing

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