Across the Atlantic

Getting up insanely early in the morning is never a treat, but it doesn’t feel that bad when you have something as great as SIX WEEKS OF VACATION beginning. So off to the airport we went, panicking slightly about things possibly left at home, and then panicking a bit more when realizing that something semi-important actually had been forgotten. Oh well, it is what it is, as one of Hattivatti’s travel companions tends to say.

As there was no time to visit the famed Oak Barrel at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, a small bottle of the good stuff (á la Nicolas Feuillatte) had to suffice onboard for a celebratory toast: this is actually happening!


After a short stopover at Heathrow, it was time to settle in for a lovely 10 hour flight, destination Miami, FL, USA. This portion of the trip contained ok food, cramped seats, way too efficient air conditioning, and unbelievable boredom. Epic boredom. The type of boredom that makes your brain numb. This was most likely the result of waking up so early and therefore not being able to concentrate on anything for more than a few minutes, as there was not an actual lack of things to do, but still, the flight seemed to take forever.

Level of boredom during flight on The Scale of Epicness

Level of boredom during flight on The Scale of Epicness




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