On the Road

After a night in Miami Beach, it was finally time to put the road in roadtrip and start some serious driving. The goal was to make it to New Orleans in two days with minimal stopping on the way. That’s a total of about 1400 km plus random stops and detours to sights.

The first day of driving took the gas guzzling Ford SUV from Miami Beach to the outskirts of Tallahassee along interstate 95 among lush green vegetation. On the way, a stop was made in the oldest town in the US, St Augustine, founded in 1565 by the Spanish. Dinner at the localvore (yes, that’s an actual word) restaurant The Floridian contained shrimp, grits, tempeh, tofu and mahi mahi as well as delicious veggies and cajun-style spices. Well worth the 10 mile detour off the interstate!

On the road 1

Night was spent at the Red Roof Inn in king size beds at a whopping $55 per room. Not bad for a peacuful night’s sleep. Waffles and bacon at the Waffle House for breakfast and then time to hit the road again. To get a change from just plowing ahead on the freeway, a scenic route was chosen for part of the way, which contained a stop at Seaside, a quaint little town which served as the filming set for the Jim Carrey movie The Truman Show. Lovely little place to have a cheese toast.

Then the rain hit us, pouring down so hard that driving was impossible for a while. The flash flood warning issued for the area did not make Hattivatti happy, but in the end all went well and the trip continued on through Alabama and Mississippi to the birthplace of jazz, New Orleans.

On the road 2

Total time on the road (including stops): day one 11 hours, day two 10 hours. Level of travel time Epicness:




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