Off to the land of pizza, pasta, and wine

fter a whole year of recuperating from The Epic Journey, Hattivatti is finally ready for a new adventure!

The Plan

This time the flights and driving distances are shorter but the number of travel companions is a whopping 15 (+ one baby). The plan is to spend a hot and sunny week in Southern Tuscany in a private villa furnished with all kinds of modern amenities and a lovely looking pool.

Ready to go!

Ready to go!

A winery tour is booked and a chef will arrive to feed the troops one evening, but otherwise there is no set agenda, which suits Hattivatti just fine: after all, this trip is about getting away from the stress of everyday life.

Flying and Driving, a.k.a. The Not-So-Fun Part of Travelling

Traveling with style

Traveling with style

For some reason, flying to nice places often means getting up at odd hours, and this time was no different. Luckily the sun hardly sets in Finland this time of year, so at least the alarm didn’t go off in the dark. Off to the airport and on the early morning flight to Rome, fully packed with families and plenty of children. The “are we there yet?” chant began after about 30 minutes in the air…Hattivatti was happy to have the option of travelling in the overhead compartment.


A car was retrieved at Fiumicino airport and off they went, bravely taking on the Italian way of driving. Three hours and a seriously delicious service station prosciutto-filled baguette later, the Villa Martina near the town of Lucignano was reached.

A very Italian roadside snack

A very Italian roadside snack


The temperature was above 30 degrees C and the pool was definitely inviting. After a trip to the local market (= Lidl), the evening was spent lounging about in the yard, barbequing and listening to the local party next door. And yes, abundant, if not copious amounts of red wine were present as well.

Is there such a thing as too much red wine? Hattivatti thinks not.

Is there such a thing as too much red wine? Hattivatti thinks no.



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