Sunshine, wine and a few moldy cellars


Breakfast outdoors and a morning swim, not a bad way to start the day. Sunday morning and midday were spent by the pool, enjoying the sun and heat. Then it was time for the first mini trip, so off to Arezzo two carfuls of travellers went. The main destination was Indro Beer, a craft beer shop. With unbelievable luck, the owner just finished his siesta and arrived to open the shop at the same moment when our happy group reached the door.


After some beer shopping, a stop was made at a gelateria to cool down a bit before returning to Sinalunga for some groceries. Then up to Lucignano for dinner at Ristorante La Maggiolata. A nice plate of assorted cold cuts, cheeses and bruschetta followed by tricolor gnocchi formed quite a nice and filling meal. Then back to the villa for an evening of board games and wine.


The second morning was an early one, as everyone got ready to depart on a whole day trip to some vineyards. The minibus arrived ten minutes to ten, surprising everyone: an Italian ahead of schedule! All 15 plus Hattivatti and the baby piled in and took off for wine tasting and lunch at Santa Giulia vineyard in Montalcino. Simple but delicious food along with Rosso and Brunello di Montalcino was enjoyed outdoors in a shady terrace. Wonderful!


Hattivatti enjoying lunch at Santa Giulia

Hattivatti enjoying lunch at Santa Giulia

After eating at a leisurely pace, all climbed back in the minibus and moved on the Pienza, which offered lovely views, small alleyways, and some very nice gelato.

Hattivatti a d the views of Pienza

Hattivatti and the views of Pienza

Then on to the second vineyard of the day, Villa S. Anna in Montepulciano. The amount of mold in the dark and cool cellars was incredible and the guide, the gray-haired owner, entertained all with her knowledge of wines. Four wines were tasted along with cold cuts and pecorino, after which it was time to return to the villa for an evening swim, board games, and naturally more Italien red wine. Definitely better than a normal Monday at work.

Hattivatti in the cellars of Villa S. Anna

Hattivatti in the cellars of Villa S. Anna



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