Northwest Pacific, Here We Come!

Although The Epic Journey covered many parts of the US, a lot still remains to be seen. One such area is the Pacific Northwest, that upper left corner of the States known for coffee, grunge, and nowadays copious amounts of craft beer, but also renowned for its majestic mountains and beautiful coastal areas. Sounds like another roadtrip is in order!


The plan this time is a somewhat less epic when it comes to distances to be covered and total duration. Nevertheless, the next ten days will be packed full of new places and sights. The starting point is Seattle with a couple days for sightseeing before heading east towards Twin Peaks territory for some cherry pie and damn good coffee (but hopefully no Bob). Then on southwards to the Oregon coast and the town of Newport, home of Rogue Brewery, followed naturally by more craft beer tasting experiences in the craft beer capital of the US and possibly the whole world, Portland. A couple days of beer, mountains, and waterfalls will be all there’s time for before headin back north past Seattle all the way to Vancouver, Canada. Two countries in one go! The trip will end again in Seattle with one final night on the town before heading of on yet again insanely long flights and a six hour layover at Heathrow, oh joy…


A beer at the Oak Barrel, part of the official ritual of flying out from Helsinki-Vantaa airport

The start of the trip was less than fully successful, as the first plane that took off from Helsinki towards the Atlantic crossing had to turn back after only about 20 minute sin the air due to some technical issue. Luckily it was a Finnair flight from the Finnair home terminal, so another Airbus A330 was on hand and the trip could recommence with only a couple hours delay. The original connecting flight from New York JFK to Seattle Tacoma was completely lost at this point, but as luck would have it, there was one more late evening direct flight. Connecting was a nightmare with additional baggage costs and infuriatingly poor customer service. Note to self: never again try to connect directly from an international flight to domestic in the US, transiting takes forever with getting through passport control, claiming checked bags, rechecking said bags, and then getting through security once again.


This didn’t start off so well…

In the end, after about 26 hours of travel over 10 time zones, a very tired Hattivatti finally arrived in Seattle safe and sound. It’s a good thing the driving didn’t have to start right away!


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