Welcome to Twin Peaks

With a Nissan Rogue picked up in downtown Seattle, it was time to head out on the road. First stop: the Kurt Cobain memorial bench in Viretta Park in the midst of a quiet residential area that’s hard to imagine as having anything to do with grunge. Then on to Renton to visit a more official memorial to another great musician lost too soon, Jimi Hendrix.

Paying respects to Kurt Cobain in Viretta Park

Paying respects fo Jimi Hendrix

After paying respects to these two musical legends, Seattle was left behind and the course set for the Northern Cascades. Twisting roads, misty forests, and enormous trees galore. A quick stop was made at Deception Falls to admire the moss-covered trees and gushing waters.

Raging waters at Deception Falls

Among the trees

The quirky town of Leavenworth served as the lunch stop for the day. This town is really something to see: all the buildings appear like they should be in southern Germany, with a nice mountain backdrop. The town was remodelled in this style in the sixties to ensure a flow of tourists, and the plan appears to have worked out quite well. The Bavarian setting called for some German-style grub: sausages and sauerkraut washed down with beer in the biergarten of München Haus.

Lunch at München Haus, quite Bavarian

Leavenworth, a little bit of Germany in Washington

Then onwards back west through Snoqualmie Pass to Twin Peaks, known as North Bend and Snoqualmie in real life. What a place for fans of the show! The Double R Diner (Twede’s Café) and Snoqualmie Falls as well as Ronette’s bridge and the giant log had to be seen, along with the newly permanently erected Welcome to Twin Peaks sign.

Well how Twin Peaks is that? The Great Northern and Snoqualmie Falls.

Ronette’s bridge

The night was spent at the Great Northern (Salish Lodge), where a truly great cherry pie and some damn fine coffee were enjoyed at The Attic. As in all other small towns in the area, Snoqualmie naturally has its own brewery, the Snoqualmie Brewery, which turned out to be a popular place for dinner. With full stomachs and a couple brews, it was a pleasure to relax in the hotel room by the fire. Twenty minutes in the hot tub rounded off the evening quite nicely and ensured a good night’s sleep, without Bob appearing by the bed…

Relaxing by the fire in the room at the Salish Lodge

What could be a more suitable ending to an evening in Twin Peaks?



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