Exploring Oregon

Twede's cherry pie

Cherry pie with some ok (not damn fine) coffee at Twede’s Cafe

The only logical choice for breakfast in Twin Peaks country was cherry pie and coffee (not very damn fine though) at Twede’s Café, which served as The Double R Diner in the series.

Twede's Cafe

At Twede’s Cafe

On the road

Heading back on the road

Then it was time to head southwest on the road towards Oregon. The weather was rainy which just made the winding roads more interesting to drive. The forests in this area of the world get a lot of moisture throughout the year, making them lush and vividly green temperate rain forests. With the low hanging clouds added, the views were quite eery at times.

Rainy road

Driving in the rain

A quick stop was made in Olympia, the capital city of Washington State, to admire the administrative buildings which are modelled after Greek temples and the US Capitol building. Then onwards southwest to the Oregon Coast and the scenic route, where misty forests and valleys alternated with windy deserted beaches.

Misty mountain road

Misty mountain roads of the Pacific Northwest

Oregon Coast

Not quite beach weather on the Oregon Coast

The long drive ended finally in Newport, a fishing town and home of Rogue Brewing. After checking in to the roadside Days Inn motel, a short walk took the hungry travellers to the Rogue Ales Public House in the historic bayfront area. Delicious albacore tuna fish ‘n’ chips! It was apparently the off season for tourism in the area and really quiet everywhere. The only sounds out on the town came from the fishermen finishing their work for the day and the sea lions resting on the piers, making quite a ruckus with their loud barking.

Sea lions

Sea lions of Newport

The following morning began with a breakfast of donuts in honor of National Donut Day before setting out for some sightseeing.


Celebrating National Donut Day

The local Newport sights included the Rogue Nation World Headquarters, the Yaquina Bay lighthouse, and Yaquina Head state park with a beautiful old-fashioned lighthouse. The cobble beach at low tide was an interesting sight, with hundreds of mussels clinging to the rocks just waiting for the water to return.

Rogue Nation HQ

Rogue Nation Worldwide HQ


Sightseeing in Newport, OR

Yaquina Head

Yaquina Head lighthouse

The whole area was teeming with life, from the common murres and seagulls inhabiting the high rocks to the marine life in the waters. A resting seal was also spotted and even some whales were sighted blowing water in the distance.

Cobble beach

On the Cobble Beach at Yaquina Head


Waiting for the water to return


Someone had a birthday or a quick breakfast on the beach…

It was then time to leave the coast behind and head inland to Willamette Valley for some Oregon wines. The tasting room of R. Stuart & Co. in McMinnville served up an array of wines including a pinot noir and a pinot gris, for which the region is best known. A quick deli lunch from Harvest Fresh was enjoyed outside before leaving wine country behind and heading on to Beerland, a.k.a. Portland.

Wine in McMinnville

Oregon wines



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