One Last Cup of Chowder, Please

Vancouver was left behind after one more yummy breakfast at Bâtard Boulangerie. The drive down to Seattle was uneventful. Before returning the car downtown, a quick stop was made in Fremont to see some of the statues the area is known for, such as the giant troll under the bridge and a statue of Stalin salvaged from what is now Slovakia.

Which one of Fremont’s giants is more frightening?

In contrast to the ride down from Vancouver, the walk from the car rental office through downtown Seattle to the Airbnb loft in the International district on a hot and sunny day contained a bit too much to be anxious about. The streets seemed to be full of homeless people, some calmly minding their own business and letting passersby do the same, but others weren’t so peaceful. It’s not so wonderful to walk a couple kilometers in the afternoon heat, carrying a heavy backpack, and have to be continuously on the lookout for the next lunatic yelling at an invisible enemy or urinating in the middle of the sidewalk.

Street art of Seattle with a very apt message

Having survived the streets and no longer needing to drag the bags around, there was time to sit down with some wonderfully refreshing cold beers and happy hour snacks at Elysian Fields. Then onto a bus and towards Belltown and the Cloudburst microbrewery, which houses a small taproom in a garage-type setting. Then on to Old Stove before beading to Pike Brewing for dinner. Hot and creamy clam chowder followed by quesadillas and fish tacos, along with a flight of beers, naturally.

A glimpse at the crazy interior of Pike Brewing

Breakfast on the last day of the trip was enjoyed at Zeitgeist Coffee, with coffee and veggie egg sandwiches and a donut from Top Pot (not as good as Portland’s Voodoo doughnut despite what the internet may say). There were still a few hours left before heading to the airport and the weather wasn’t too bad, so time to walk up and down some hills again. Stops were made at Zion’s Gate record store, Cupcake Royale (first cupcakes of the trip!), and Sizzle Pie before going down to the waterfront to check the views and enjoy the last Seattle brews at Seattle Beer Co.

Enjoying a bit of sun at the waterfront

The Link light rail was a really easy and inexpensive way to get to the airport, with a travel time of about 30 minutes and tickets only $3 per person. Prior to boarding, a not-so-light dinner was had at the airport in the Seattle Taproom. Just had to have that one last bowl of clam chowder! Anyway, it would still take another 20 hours of travel across 10 time zones to get back home, so there would be plenty of time to digest…

Ok, so maybe the last dinner wasn’t just a bowl of clam chowder…



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